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Get insights in seconds.

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The Insight Engines Technology

Insight Engines Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology enables you to ask “plain English” queries of your machine data, eliminating the need to learn and use complex, proprietary query languages.

Insight Engines NLP search technology is much more than keyword lookups from a dictionary. It’s a real-time parser that examines the search query to understand meaning, intent and context. In seconds, it then produces highly-efficient queries, accurate results, and powerful visualizations.

The Benefits of Insight Engines

Realize the Full Value
of Your Machine Data
Machine data has significant potential. Now everyone can utilize it to the fullest.
Stronger Security
Now get the deep visibility needed to detect, investigate, and visualize the most obscure cyber threats.
your Data
Now anyone in your organization, from the CISO to an analyst or auditor, can ask questions of your machine data to gain valuable insights.
Analyst time is spent detecting and investigating threats, and not writing complex queries.
Less Reliance
on Query Language Experts
No longer have to deal with the issue of search query experts being difficult to find, train, and retain.
Highly Efficient
Plain-English queries are automatically translated into highly efficient proprietary queries, leading to fast searches and a minimal impact on underlying hardware.

Why This Matters


Improve your security / compliance posture and stay out of the headlines. Insight Engines helps you better detect, investigate and report on cyberthreats. Fully maximize the efficiency of your existing team and investment in machine data platforms.


Empower your team members of all levels to leverage machine data effectively and deliver results faster. Both novices and experts create better results leading to a happier, more productive team with less turnover.


Low-level analysts struggle with the complexities of esoteric query languages. High-level analysts are overwhelmed with requests. Insight Engines empowers both to spend more time doing and less time crafting complicated queries.


Insight Engines automatically generates highly-efficient, proprietary search queries, helping you get faster results out of your machine data platform while minimizing load. It also helps you create complex correlation searches in seconds.

Insight Engines Cyber
Security Investigator for Splunk

Insight Engines Cyber Security Investigator for Splunk (CSI) allows cybersecurity professionals at every level to quickly detect, investigate, and visualize cyberthreats using natural language search on Splunk. CSI lets security teams move from a reactive to proactive posture, and immediately become more productive and effective.

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