Have dynamic, natural conversations with your machine data.
Empower people of every level to ask questions.
Inspire everyone to be data curious.

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Solve the talent Gap.
Up-level your workforce.

For any organization that has already installed Splunk, It’s easy to deploy Insight Engines.


Unlock the value
of your Splunk

Harness your intuition with the Insights Engine platform. Adopt a more dynamic security stance and uncover threats more than 10x faster than today.
Follow your curiosity to
the answers you need.

Insight Investigator for Splunk uses natural language processing (NLP) to turn investigations into dynamic conversations with your machine data, without the need to learn complex search languages or write complicated queries. Analysts at every level can easily and creatively explore data, quickly analyze insights, and proactively detect and prevent threats.

Get your data into top shape.

Insight Analyzer for Splunk automates the cumbersome process of data source analysis and health checks. It surfaces data availability and accessibility issues. Continuous optimization ensures your data is actionable and improves use case coverage and security posture.

The benefits of the insight engines platform

Strengthen Security Posture

Discover, investigate, and mitigate threats faster when analysts are empowered to use their intuition immediately.

Humanize your Data

Empower anyone in your team to garner insights from machine data through natural conversations.

Solve the Talent Gap & Improve Productivity

Level-up your workforce. Entry-level analysts are immediately more effective while advanced analysts are able to maximize their expertise.

Remediate Incidents Faster

Natural language questions are quickly translated into optimized Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL), radically reducing response times.

Unlock the Full Value of Splunk

On average, only 1% of machine data is used. Gain visibility, make your data accessible and actionable.

Analyze your Data & Prioritize Data Coverage

Get a visual “heat map” of your machine data health. Map data sources and optimize for priority use cases & insights.

Insight Engines 3.0 Enables Cybersecurity Teams to Uncover Gaps and Investigate Dark Corners for Better Threat Protection & Detection

Ushering in a new era in cybersecurity investigation, Insight Engines has announced the launch of the company’s version 3.0 product, which combines two key components: Insight Investigator & Insight Analyzer. Together, these offerings use natural language processing, machine learning, and expert knowledge to detect data gaps, ask high-value questions, and give recommendations based on industry intelligence and activities,…

Using Natural Language Searches for Fast Incident Response

During any large malware infection or outbreak, seconds matter. Security operations teams need fast, frictionless access to all security-relevant data in order to assess, analyze, and act quickly as part of incident response. Unless a threat is eradicated quickly, it will move laterally, infect more machines, and accomplish its mission, whether it be installing ransomware…

ROI of CSI – Part 4

Blog Series: The Return on Investment (ROI) of plain English search and the Insight Engines Cyber Security Investigator for Splunk (CSI) This is part four of a four-part blog series covering the six main benefits of CSI that drive a strong ROI. See part one here, part two here, and part three here. To see…