September 29, 2018

How to Keep Docker Images Lean (Part 2 of 3)

Posted by Ken Hayes on September 29, 2018

For this second part of the blog, let’s discuss minimizing each layer of your docker image. Each docker image is constructed by adding layers, starting with the ‘FROM’ statement. The key word here is adding, because each RUN statement may add new data on top of the base image. If…

September 29, 2018

A New “(HI)brid” Approach To Cybersecurity

Posted by Darien Kindlund on September 29, 2018

75% of IT experts consider cybersecurity to be a top priority, according to a recent McKinsey survey. But only 16% of respondents said their companies are well prepared to deal with cyber risk. The problem is that the growing complexity of digital applications and the integration of cloud services is…

September 28, 2018

How to Keep Docker Images Lean (Part 1 of 3)

Posted by Ken Hayes on September 28, 2018

If you are like me, you have discovered the joy of docker and the power of creating custom containers to meet your needs. For anything from small, replicable servers to large scale CI/CD pipelines, docker containers are powerful tools. You’ve tested your container and it works. It’s time to move…

August 18, 2018

Instilling Creativity into Cybersecurity

Posted by Darien Kindlund on August 18, 2018

When you think about cybersecurity, the last word you might associate with it is creativity. But threat hunting is anything but black and white. It’s a world of color that requires inquisitive minds to constantly think about things in new ways. As technology evolves and hackers become more innovative, analysts…

July 26, 2018

Insight Engines 3.0 Enables Cybersecurity Teams to Uncover Gaps and Investigate Dark Corners for Better Threat Protection & Detection

Posted by Grant Wernick on July 26, 2018

Ushering in a new era in cybersecurity investigation, Insight Engines has announced the launch of the company’s version 3.0 product, which combines two key components: Insight Investigator & Insight Analyzer. Together, these offerings use natural language processing, machine learning, and expert knowledge to detect data gaps, ask high-value questions, and give recommendations based…

January 17, 2018

Using Natural Language Searches for Fast Incident Response

Posted by Darien Kindlund on January 17, 2018

During any large malware infection or outbreak, seconds matter. Security operations teams need fast, frictionless access to all security-relevant data in order to assess, analyze, and act quickly as part of incident response. Unless a threat is eradicated quickly, it will move laterally, infect more machines, and accomplish its mission,…

December 19, 2017

Building a dashboard in Splunk using plain-English search with CSI

Posted by Grant Wernick on December 19, 2017

Insight Engines Cyber Security Investigator for Splunk, or CSI, makes it possible for anyone, no matter how technical, to easily create Splunk panels and dashboards in seconds using plain English searches. For cyber security or compliance teams, this is especially important because Splunk dashboards can be used for many purposes…

August 16, 2017

Insight Engines at .conf2017, Splunk’s upcoming user conference

Posted by Grant Wernick on August 16, 2017

We wanted to let you know we will be at Splunk’s annual user conference, Splunk .conf2017 in Washington DC Sept 25-28, with a lot of exciting activities planned which are listed below. If you are attending .conf, please “save the date” for these activities. And if you know of others attending .conf, please pass this page/info along to them. We will update this post with details as they are firmed up.