Building a dashboard in Splunk using plain-English search with CSI

Posted by Grant Wernick on December 19, 2017

Insight Engines Cyber Security Investigator for Splunk, or CSI, makes it possible for anyone, no matter how technical, to easily create Splunk panels and dashboards in seconds using plain English searches.

For cyber security or compliance teams, this is especially important because Splunk dashboards can be used for many purposes such as easier visual identification of anomalies, compliance reporting, or measuring overall security posture. With Splunk, typically only technical users with knowledge of the Splunk search processing language, or SPL, can build these dashboards. CSI eliminates that problem.

Since seeing is believing, view the following, short demo that show how easy it is to build visualizations using CSI and plain English searches (no SPL needed!).



While CSI can build any dashboard for any role or responsibility, this user in the demo would likely be a non-technical Compliance Analyst who wants to build some reports to identify possible area of non-compliance where key technical controls are failing and need to be addressed.

After watching this demo it should be clear how CSI unlocks and extends the value of Splunk so now anyone in your organization can get answers and insight from their machine data.

Want to learn more? Watch a general demo, read our data sheet, see a customer talk, or contact sales. Thanks!

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