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from the Fortune 500 to federal agencies.

What our customers are saying

“Allowing us to do ad-hoc information queries to get results in minutes instead of hours”
“Lowers the skill/knowledge requirements for our entry level analysts, while simultaneously providing a method for our hunters to quickly formulate advanced and efficient queries.”
”It is the most important product in our lineup.”
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How We Help Out Customers

Security and IT Operations teams are joining forces by sharing the same view of their machine data. Insight Engines is helping on two key success factors: Splunk data optimization and empowering non-Splunk experts to ask questions of their machine data using natural language.

Top 10 US cable Operators

Government agencies are leveraging Insight Engines to fuel scalable security orchestration and accelerate security analyst training.

Multiple US Federal
Government Agencies

Insight Engines helped the organization onboard more data while reducing operational costs by $1M. Insight Investigator made it easier to create dynamic dashboards, enhanced alerts, and advanced correlations, even enabling the physical SOC team (security guards) to use Splunk effectively.

Fortune 500 global security, storage and
systems management solutions leader

Insight Engines accelerated the company’s migration from its legacy SIEM to Splunk, quickly empowered non-Splunk experts to investigate, enabled fast ad-hoc queries, supported new use cases across disparate data sets, and improved incident remediation time.

Top U.S. vertically integrated health care delivery system

Few people within the organization knew how to use Splunk, and they had only indexes to a limited set of source types for narrow use cases and dashboards. Insight Engines helped expand Splunk use from incident response to proactive hunting.

One of the largest US
Financial Institutions

The core security team is working with Insight Engines to unlock the value from their Splunk investment, using Insight Analyzer to improve their data mapping and accessibility. With Insight Investigator, they will open their Splunk environment to non-Splunk experts—immediately increasing team productivity and improving the firm’s security posture.

Global law firm serving clients in business,
technology and government.

Insight Engines is empowering a lean security team to transform their work environment, shifting from static alerts and dashboards to one that is supercharged with automated queries and dynamic dashboards. Analysts without Splunk SPL training can easily ask questions of their data and become security experts. In addition, the team now has visibility into their Splunk environment, assessing data availability and prioritizing data source mappings to support new use cases.

Fast growing technology company

Insight Engines is working with a cabinet-level government agency to address the impact of its talent shortage. Specifically, the Splunk SPL skills gap. With Insight Engines, the team was able to prove immediate value for its Top 100 use cases and had actionable data within Splunk for nearly 50% of the priority use cases after just 1 day—saving years of work.

Cabinet-Level Department of the U.S. Federal Government