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From Data Availability & Accessibility to
Advanced Automated Analytics & Cloud Intelligence.

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Insight Investigator installs on Splunk Enterprise and delivers immediate benefits. Entry-level analysts can quickly add value by investigating and mitigating threats. Senior cyber-security analysts use translated SPL queries as a shortcut to focus on advanced work.

Enhance Everyone’s Intuition

Focus on insights and outcomes, and make incident response exhilarating again.

With Insight Investigator for Splunk, analysts can think and act dynamically, be curious in hunting and preventing threats, and diligently investigate and protect the security of their organizations. Optimized for cyber security, Insight Investigator has empowered teams in Fortune 500 organizations and federal agencies to improve threat detection and analysis, while decreasing response times.

Insight Investigator is powered by Insight Engines’ patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. It turns complex search queries into intelligent and dynamic natural language conversations between analysts and their machine data. Just ask real questions and see how one can inspire the next and unlock valuable insights.

With Insight Investigator, you will magnify your impact by:

  • Exploring, analyzing and detecting through rich visualizations
  • Leveraging translated Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) queries to accelerate complex queries
  • Augmenting your capabilities with relevant question recommendations and automated query capabilities.


Auto-Pilot asks interesting questions at regular intervals to uncover new issues— AUTOMATICALLY. It replaces static dashboards and surfaces anomalies quickly and dynamically by generating thousands of queries every day.


Insight Investigator has successfully passed Splunk's code inspection and security checks and has been verified to work with the latest Splunk Cloud deployments. Customers can have Splunk install the app on the managed cloud instance within 24-48 hours.


One question leads to the next, which is why our recommendations engine offers you contextually relevant questions to ask as you are analyzing and investigating. By integrating and sharing everyone’s expert knowledge of what to ask next, we help augment individual intelligence with collective insight.

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In just a few days, your Use Case Report will tell you what you can ask of your data today with Insight Investigator, what data you may want to remove and what data you may want to onboard. We’ve done it for many of the top security and IT organizations, and we are here to do it for you. Contact us to get started.
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Insight Analyzer for Splunk installs on Splunk Enterprise, and in hours, it provides a visual assessment of your Splunk data environment, uncovering data gaps and identifying data coverage by use cases.


Continuous optimization of your environment for priority use cases.

In a time when data never stops accumulating, Insight Analyzer for Splunk keeps you from being overwhelmed. Insight Analyzer automates the cumbersome process of data source analysis and organization. In the process, it enhances data availability to make sure all your data is actionable. And then, it continuously analyzing your data source health, unlocking the full value of your Splunk investment.

With Insight Analyzer, you’ll get:

  • An ongoing visual assessment of your machine data environment
  • Continuous optimization of your environment for priority use cases.
  • Holding data services accountable by tracking progress as services are implemented.


Insight Analyzer inspects ingested data and data models, showing you in a visual daily heat map what data is available. You will easily be able to see what has changed in your environment, what requires attention, and what data you may need to tag or deprecate.


Insight Investigator is Splunk Cloud certified. Customers can have Splunk install the app on the managed cloud instance within 24-48 hours.


Imagine if you could easily see which use cases are supported. Visually identify data gaps and prioritize your data management roadmap. Insight Analyzer helps you get your data in peak performance.