Focus on data that matters, ask your questions, and get timely intelligence at scale in seconds.

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Insight Investigator delivers immediate benefits. Entry-level analysts can quickly add value. Senior cyber-security analysts can spend time on insight-based threat hunting


Get the answers you need the 
most to secure your organization.

Insight Investigator is the investigative layer for cybersecurity threat detection and proactive risk analysis. We protect Fortune 500 organizations, to federal agencies and beyond.

Insight Engines is built on patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that translates questions into complex search queries. This means that security analysts of every level, or anyone with data-inclined curiosity, can query data using conversational language.

With Insight Investigator, you will magnify your security posture by:

  • Quickly asking your questions to mitigate risk and reduce incident response time
  • Exploring insights through simple to understand, data-rich visualizations
  • Receiving timely and relevant security-driven recommendations in real-time
  • Splunk cloud certified: get started in under 24hrs


Asks the questions needed to uncover security vulnerabilities you never knew existed—AUTOMATICALLY. Replace static dashboards and surface anomalies outside your SIEM quickly with Auto-Pilot generating new questions 
all the time

Relevant recommendations

Security investigation isn’t a linear process so we are always generating contextually relevant recommendations to help you go up, down, and sideways

Query Assist

Need help to know what to ask of your data? Increase your threat intelligence via live chat with our team of on-demand security experts to get the real-time answers you need

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Insight Analyzer provides a visual assessment of your machine data store in hours, helping you always have transparency into what data you have and how it’s organized.

Optimize Data for Real-World Security Use Cases

Make the data you have matter.

Data never stops accumulating. Insight Analyzer removes the hard work of data source analysis to match your data to your use cases so you can eliminate useless data.

Benefits of Insight Analyzer:

  • Continuous analysis of use cases to data sources to create a practical roadmap of data to onboard
  • Guidance to properly structure data for fast results
  • Understand what data in your store matters and what can be removed to optimize costs
  • Splunk cloud certified so you can get started in under 24hrs

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Test run Insight Analyzer to understand your level of security vulnerability. In as little as 24hrs get a visual snapshot of your data health, discover unknown data gaps, and get expert insights from our cyber security team.


Visual Data RoadMap

Analyze indexed data and data models 
to understand the data that requires attention and what data accrues unnecessary costs.

Use Case Discovery

Expand your use case visibility within the data you already have to uncover the hidden priorities that need your attention.

Continuous Optimization

Visually identify data gaps and prioritize your data management roadmap by use case to reduce risk and stay ahead of cyber threats.